What is government mandated benefits

Workers' Compensation Workers' compensation insurance provides medical care and treatment, rehabilitation and replacement income for employees due to job related injuries and illnesses.

Family and Medical Leave Employees who have worked for a private employer with 50 or more employees within a 75 mile radius for one year and hours of service may be eligible for a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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These 2 government taxes are paid equally by both the employee and their employer as payroll deductions. So while you may choose to offer your employees fringe benefits like a retirement plan or dental insurance, there are 3 mandated benefits that most small and mid-size business owners must provide their employees.

The employer pays an equal percentage in all covered wages of employees.

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Workers' comp is provided by an employer through either a state run insurance fund or through an insurance company. The compensation is provided by the employer through state insurance or a private carrier. By James M.

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Which Employee Benefits are Legally Required and Which are Optional?