Weakness of maslow theory

Weakness: Some studies show that people do not rank their needs.

maslows hierarchy of needs

Researchers have proved that there is lack of hierarchical structure of needs as suggested by Maslow, though every individual has some ordering for his need satisfaction.

While the existence and relatedness needs of the Finance Mangers were met, they could not achieve their growth needs so they placed more emphasis on the lower level needs Buhler, The lower esteem represents the need to be respected by others, achieve status, recognition from others, reputation and dominance.

DuBrin, A. Unlike the previous theories, Mclelland believed that needs were not innate but learned at a young age and could also be developed in individuals. Beyond love and belongingness, Maslow presented the esteem needs, which were actually divided in two parts.

McClelland is best known for his work on achievement motivation models and their practical applications, namely the Thematic Apperception Test and Need Theory.

This need correlates well with positive organizational behaviors and performance.

Limitations of motivation theories

Herzbergs Two-Factor Theory 1. American Psychologist, Kenrick, D. How can the managers come to know about these needs? As one can see from the above that Maslow Theory of Motivation of has advantages as well as disadvantages but still it is one of the most used and important theory when it comes to measurement of needs hierarchy of human beings. Document ID: Difficult for manager to identify the need level for employees- There will be some difficulty for managers in deciding which need level employees are on, and this might curb the motivation of employees at the workplace. Sometimes even the person may not be aware about his own needs. Alderfer's ERG theory - existence, relatedness, and growth. They just wanted a paycheck to survive.

Organizational behavior, theory and design in health care. Maslow restricted the number of self-actualized people in his theory. In simpler words, said employee feels the need for his contributions to be accepted by someone within the company.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Maslow Theory of Motivation