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What about reapplying? However, we may consider candidates with the Diploma provided that they are also taking A-levels in Maths and Physics and an AS level in Further Maths. What is your view of vocational qualifications?

And how might you leverage that training to continue to do good in the world? We think that the decision whether or not to take a gap year is one for you to take, not us.

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Trinity has repeatedly won the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference's President's trophy for winning the most championships in the conference. Should I contact a Trinity admissions counselor?

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In these circumstances, the regular application procedures should be followed during the junior year. Why does this matter to you and how will Trinity help you explore this interest further? Because our Admissions Committee evaluates each application individually, we do not require that Trinity candidates obtain a minimum score on standardized tests. Spend an hour or so on the school website getting to know the department or departments that interests you most. The University does recommend, however, that students complete at least 4 years of English; 3 years of mathematics, 3 years of science, 3 years of social studies, and 2 years of the same foreign language with a C- or better. Geometry one year History two years Secondary school juniors who have achieved a level of personal and intellectual maturity and of academic competence that implies readiness for college may apply for acceptance by early admission. We encourage students to use the application that is easiest for them to complete, and applicants are only required to submit one application for admission. The college is test-optional, providing students the opportunity to present application material that accurately reflects their diverse academic talents and potential.

The application can be submitted online free of charge. Therefore, submitting additional scores can never hurt an application.

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