The andragogical and pedagogical approach to

Pedagogy and Andragogy Origins The word "pedagogy" is much older than the word "andragogy.

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This concept of learning is widely used by educators worldwide. This can mostly be attributed to the key differences between how the brains of adults and children work.

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The methods and practices used in teaching, especially of children. By allowing students to offer feedback, both the teachers and the students can improve and stay engaged in the instruction.

Malcolm Knowles and Andragogy The term andragogy also refers to a theory developed by Malcolm Knowles in the s. Two major and common methods of teaching are andragogy and pedagogy.

They have an internal motivation to learn.

andragogical approach

This includes both positive experiences and negative ones. Adults are most interested in learning subjects having experience in work and more experiences in life.

Malcolm Knowles and others theorized that methods used to teach children are often not the most effective means of teaching adults.

Experience By using past personal experience as the foundation for learning activities, adult learners have a strong basis for new information.

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Pedagogy Vs Andragogy In eLearning: Can You Tell The Difference?