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From an analytical point of view, the short run costs vary with the change in the total output, but however, the size of the firm remains the same.

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Variable cost VC : the cost paid to the variable input. The long run is a planning and implementation stage for producers. In fact, the only time where these junctions do suppose an optimum is in case 2.

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Equilibrium refers to a point in which opposing forces are balanced. In the long run, however, an expensive firm will be able to terminate its leases and wage agreements and shut down operations. Inputs include labor, capital, materials, power, land, and buildings. However, there is no hard and fast definition as to what is classified as "long" or "short" and mostly relies on the economic perspective being taken. This is what determines our optimal level of production. The price level is sticky or fixed in response to changes in aggregate demand or supply, capital is not fully mobile between sectors, and capital is not fully mobile across countries due to interest rate differences among countries and fixed exchange rates. The land, labor, capital goods, and entrepreneurship all vary to reach the the long run cost of producing a good or service. The curves show how each cost changes with an increase in product price and quantity produced. For example, rents, interest, and salaries. Thus, all the cost incurred on the variable factors such as labor and raw material constitutes the short-run cost. Variable Costs Variable cost VC changes according to the quantity of a good or service being produced. History[ edit ] The differentiation between long-run and short-run economic models did not come into practice until , with Alfred Marshall 's publication of his work Principles of Economics. The firm may decide that new technology should be incorporated into its production process. Fixed costs also referred to as overhead costs tend to be time related costs including salaries or monthly rental fees.

If we look at average coststhe curve these draw is also the build up of the individual short run curves. The average fixed cost function continuously declines as production increases. Short Run Costs Short run costs are accumulated in real time throughout the production process.

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Most economists would still agree that the ovens are a fixed cost, In many businesses, because of labor contracts, labor costs are sometimes even considered fixed for a period of a year or so -- although many businesses will distinguish between different specific functions and consider some employees to be fixed costs and others to be variable costs.

Components of Economic Costs Economic cost takes into account costs attributed to the alternative chosen and costs specific to the forgone opportunity. For example, Suppose a company observes a sudden surge in the demand for its goods and in order to meet the increased demand in the short-run, it can increase its level of output only by varying the variable factors.

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It lies below the average cost curve, starting to the right of the y axis.

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