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It is based on the theory that Teachers are made, not born, in contrary to the assumption, Teachers are born, not made. We are changing from an industrial society towards a new society digital or Information or Knowledge Society. Teachers should be given the most appropriate tools during and after their training, including content knowledge and skills as well as teaching methodology to be able to do their work professionally and ethically way of life. If we have not any aim in our life, we are same as floating boat in the current of ocean that will not found its edge. Ed , Master of Physical Education M. Means higher education should be in Union List not in Concurrent or state List as it was before Vashist, S.

The revitalization and strengthening of the teacher education system is a powerful means for the upliftment of educational standards in the country. Better and politico-economics background, the selection method would not only improve the principles that guide construction of quality of training but also save the personal curriculum etc.

There are no separate whole teaching practice remains indifferent hostel facilities for student teachers. The globalisation concept, if taken into account, would require that Teacher Educators and teaching should be recognised like all other professions and acquisition of knowledge as well as professional skills.

For such an educational system, we require efficient teachers. Goel, Chhaya. It is a system that involves an interdependence of its Inputs, Processes and Outputs.

The course of studies and a rigorous manner of assessment. It is also a programme that is related to the development of teacher proficiency and competence that would enable and empower the teacher to meet the requirements of the profession and face the challenges therein.

Teacher education system is an important vehicle to improve the quality of school education. Today our way of Teacher Education is completely governed by the people those who have not any vision for its quality except to make it money worthy. There are some resisting factors in our education system which prevents the teacher education institution from being innovative such as lack of physical facilities and funds, lack of diffusion of innovations among teacher educators, rigid framework, lack of research orientation etc.

Without their contribution and support, this study would have not been possible in the present form.

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We can only improve the quality of teacher and academic education worldwide for our next generation if we provide our Teacher Educators with the required skills, knowledge, experiences and technology. Teacher is an integral part of education.

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