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Distributors are assigned a certain geographic region within which they sell their RC. The members' only liability is for the amount unpaid on their shares. Describing different ways to use its product. Within a short span of time the company has been able to claim a sizable portion of the market.

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Advertising: The advertising objective of Partex Beverage should be like: Informing market about price change. With more information and more consumer participating option, they are developing another web site.

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Conclusion: Our course instructor gave us the opportunity to do a group assignment on Private limited company. Different routes are assigned within the region that helps to sell their stock.

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Such as walk man, mobile phone, wristwatch, cap, T- shirts etc. But they try in little scale. It is also common for a distinction to be made between the publicly tradable companies of plc type and the "private" types of company 2. Push process may also be referred to as speculative processes because they response to forecast rather than actual demand. Danish Distribution Network Ltd. Dealers sometimes sell RC through their counters to face special situation. Encouraging customers to switching to their brand. Partex Real Estate Ltd.

They are futuristic with emphasis on creating thinking and dynamic action. What is the strength side of Partex beverage?

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Seventhly, their drinking water Mum is the most leading brand in all over Bangladesh. Regional Go-down: There are three regional go-downs through out the country to fill every regional demand just at the time of need and to overcome various uncertainties related to physical distribution of products, every regional go-down is directly controlled by separate Regional Manager to face the regional physical distribution challenge. Partex Beverage Ltd is now a successful brand in market. To identify their limitations. We do not have any production facilities in our country. Rc is an International brand. While Page 15 the core products do not constitute the complete product. The group started modestly in in tobacco trading and with prudent entrepreneurship of their Founder Chairman Mr. Companys promotional activities played a vital role to create this position in such situation. Hashem Chairmen Mr. Do you give any facilities to the middlemen? Tasfia Tarannum How do you manage your financing to run manufacturing? Backward vertical integration: Partex Beverage requires most of its suppliers to deliver raw materials just in time for using on its production line.
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