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It has been estimated that some types of spent fuel will be dangerous foryears and others more than two million years.

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Especially in the Middle East when a country reveals information about its nuclear program, the west considers this country as a threat and tries all possible ways to stop this program. For example, during the Three Mile Island accident some of the coolant containing radioactive material was pumped from the containment building to the auxiliary building. Atoms are tiny tiny things little things that makes up all the matter. To get a completely brand-new, plagiarism-free essay, please use our essay writing service. Dr K S Parthasarathy May 18, at My hearty congratulations to Josep for writing this brief essay on the safety of nuclear power plants. Moreover, the price of power will not be affected if the cost of uranium increased. This was the only accident that released more radiation than people experience daily Safety 6 th edition. The production of nuclear energy is not as safe and clean as some say that it is. The water temperature also affects spawning as well.

Thousands of tons of lethal nuclear waste produced from military and civilian power plants are stored all over America. Of course, those systems are operated through various sources of power such as batteries, diesel generators, backup generators, and the external power line.

As you can see in table 1, generating electricity in nuclear reactors is cheaper in comparison to electricity generated from gas and coal.

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Nuclear power plants provide a stable base load of energy. Even outside of containment, much of the radioactive material is still held within the walls of the buildings that make up the nuclear plant. However, the environmentalists dont seem to convinced because they say, together, these may result in a significant loss of fish from disease, but in effect, the mortality is caused by a temperature that permits a normally low incidence of disease to become an epidemic Forman It was plastered all over the news that radiation was leaking and we were going to see another Hiroshima. It is also possible to fuel nuclear power plants with other fuel types, other than Uranium so that we do not have to worry when Uranium can no longer be found. Researchers found that conclusions of 3, people who apparently had thyroid disease because of the release of radioactive iodine from Hanford were false Sternberg. Nuclear energy is currently the most efficacious energy source. Bookmark the permalink. After all, I try to give the best of me to defend nuclear power of course considering that there are disadvantages such as the spent fuel.

When the term nuclear power or nuclear energy comes into conversations, often the first thoughts that come to mind are bombs, destruction, radioactive waste, and war. Efficient power source Nuclear energy has high energy density compared to fossil fuels.

A study done by the Bureau of Radiological Engineering Laboratory on a nuclear power plant in Illinois concluded that there was no external radiation exposure to the surrounding areas. But even if that barrier is breached, the material must … 4 Escape containment.

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Nuclear power is the most scrutinized power supply in the world. One of our biggest upcoming problems is climate change, and with solar and wind power not able to provide enough clean power, nuclear is the safe, reliable, realistic, and clean option.

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How Safe Are Nuclear Power Plants?