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After these tasks are completed, the nurse asks the UAP to obtain a second set o f vital signs on Mark.

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The next day, she b ecomes alert and responsive. Mark is taken to the triage nurse. A week later, Mr. One of Mark's sons returns to the ER and starts yelling at the nurse. B "I am preparing a variety of fresh vegetables and avoiding processed foods. The student nurse continues to talk with Mr. A "Biofeedback is really simple and fits into everyone's lifestyle. This response does not answer his request. C "I may experience impotence with this drug regimen. A Observe Mark sign the surgical consent form. It is essential that an IV be started before Mark's blood pressure starts to fall. Stress causes your blood pressure to go up even more. C Assist the family in deciding which funeral home to use. Which prescription should the nurse complete first? How should the nurse respond to Mark's question?

Considering the overall plan of care, what is the primary reason for the nurse t o encourage Mark to keep his next appointment? In patients at high risk for major adverse cardiovascular outcomes, electronic and biochemical monitoring are useful for detecting nonadherence and for improving adherence.

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There is no way I can make all of th ose changes. Dunn is released from the hospital. A Call security to handle the situation. B "This is a frightening experience. What significant risk factor for hypertension does the student nurse identify fo r Mr. Unfortunately, his wife is intubated and nonresponsive. D Document a list of Mark's personal belongings.

Mark states that he has never been around anyone who was dyin g and he is scared of what happens after death. However, a heart murmur may be a reflection of a problem that caused the client' s hypertension.

There is no way I can make all of th ose changes. B Computed tomography scan CT of abdomen.

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A Call the organ procurement agency for the region. B Commitment to a stress reduction class. You will see the healthcare provider frequently until the cause is determined. C Disturbed body image. B Limit his salt intake and start a weight loss program.

You are on page 1of 16 Search inside document HTN Case study Meet the Client: Mark Dunn A group of nursing students are conducting blood pressure and cholesterol screen ings outside a local home improvement store on Saturday morning for their commun ity service project.

C Instruct him that the symptom of an abdominal aortic aneurysm is a pulsating mass in the abdomen.

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Adherence in Hypertension