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Harry Gregson-Williams also appeared on the album, composing most of the album's string sections.

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The third chapter considers the extra-musical parameters that affect how we think about genre and how these are particularly important to consider when discussing hybrid genres of music.

InHybrid were invited by noted Hollywood film composer Harry Gregson-Williams to work on the soundtrack for the film Man on Fire.

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They also finished work on a direct-to-video film: Dead in Tombstone. The album was a greatest hits compilation, compiling the biggest hits from Hybrid's career. In , the band finished a score for the science fiction film Vice , which was released on 16 January I endeavor to answer these questions both through analysis and through my own personal lens as a composer. The album was produced and written by the duo along with the third original band member, Lee Mullin. The project also featured another re-recording of his song "Orbit," which was previously unreleased. A collaboration which continued throughout the remainder of his career, until his death in Their work unlike for the previous film, Catacombs was released by Back Lot Music on 15 October Hybrid play at Glastonbury Festival once more.

The film marked not only Hybrid's first foray into film music, but also the duo's first collaboration with Harry Gregson-Williams, who continuously invited them to work on the soundtrack for movies like The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianX-Men Origins: Wolverine and Total Recall.

They also finished work on a direct-to-video film: Dead in Tombstone.

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They added semi-permanent vocalists and guitarists, Adam Taylor and Tim Hutton both on the album and when performing live with a guest appearance from New Order alumnus Peter Hook. In addition, 2 of the album's tracks "Dogstar" and "Dreamstalker" would later be re-recorded with Perry Farrell for his Satellite Party project.

The album featured the return of the epic symphonic sound and grand orchestral scope of Wide Angle.

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The group submitted two original tracks for the film Fast Five.

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