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Praphan Phanuphak Praphan Phanuphak Thailand Praphan Phanuphak is a specialist in immunology, microbiology and internal medicine. While the jury is still out on bone marrow transplants, treatment within hours of birth and other methods, the idea of a cure seems more realistic than ever.

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When the case was announced, the medical world went nuts. Had we finally achieved an HIV cure? When will we have an HIV cure?

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Antiretroviral therapy was a major milestone that has changed the lives of millions, but the goal now is to find an HIV cure before I have worked in the HIV field since mid, and this has provided me with a unique opportunity to see how the HIV research field has evolved globally.

Of course, as with any scientific research there are steps forwards and backwards in this quest. However, antiretroviral therapy does not rid the body of HIV, so people have to keep taking the drugs to prevent the development of AIDS.

To compound disappointment, two doctors in Boston used the bone marrow transplant method to cure two AIDS patients, but the results were also temporary. Their approach to a functional HIV cure combines a drug to activate the hidden HIV reservoir with a vaccine that can induce an immune response thousands of times stronger than usual.

A key area in future research of HIV will be the use of antibodies. In order to sustain the gains we have made, it is necessary to look at how we can share experiences and integrate those experiences with other related conditions.

Fauci, M. Khalili concludes.

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