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On the negative side: conventionalism, adjusts by custom or routine, flattening kindness. Knowing why each of these slant-types react the way they do, can be very helpful in learning to deal with their emotional outbursts, or apparent lack of emotion. That is why it is necessary to confirm with other signs. You need higher influence to do that. Slant is only the beginning. Module for slant: It indicates that handwriting must be slightly slanted moderated dextrogyrous or vertical: The more slant the more dependency on others. The quantity of letters to be measured will depend on the size of the sample and the exactitude we desire to obtain. Introverted and insecure. Doubts, hesitation, uncertainties. Did that help? Good level of intelligence, extroversion, ability for reflection and synthesis. EX: "Gee, what a mess. Affective people, need for the presence of others, affective stability, feelings and reason go together.

By doing so you will increase the accuracy of your readings and you will be able to understand a person's personality in a much better way.

EX: "I'll just let the janitor clean this. Graphology, which is a projective technique, provides us with valuable information on multiple aspects of the personality of the human being through handwriting analysis.

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I can't believe I dropped it! You can for example compare the results you got from the handwriting sample to the results you got from face reading or body language. Affective people, need for the presence of others, affective stability, feelings and reason go together. When for many reasons the left hand is used, we may find fallen writing. Little need for presence of others, which does not mean there is no sensitivity or affection. Through slant, we detect vital attitudes, extroversion or introversion, which are announced by Carl Jung. Graphology: Slanted Handwriting Social interest is a value that impulses humans to cultivate relationships with others, procuring to conceal interests in common.

This speaks about affectively unstable individuals with difficulties to adjust to norms. Emotionally, they are past-oriented and cold, yet may still seem quite gregarious and sociable.

This means that there is a defensive attitude, of rejection and repression.

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In other words, left-slant writers are generally insecure and lack spontaneity in their reactions to various situations. Affective people, need for the presence of others, affective stability, feelings and reason go together. Many graphology experts - or scientists who study handwriting analysis to you and me - believe that your written words say more about you than you may realise. Signature Ultimately, your signature tells the world who you are, and this part of graphology is fairly self-explanatory. Decision-making is complicated and initiative is limited. Sometimes, it has a right slant, and sometimes it tilts to the left. In each letter and each word, we find a superior area or upper extension, a middle area and an inferior area or lower extension. The more methods you use to detect a person's personality the more accurate your readings will become and the better understanding you will get. On the negative side: Indifference, coldness, distrust, impassivity. From a business perspective, slant indicates: Persistence at work, concentration, order, organization, initiative and decision. Is this the reason so many celebrities have large writing?

Introverted and insecure. Keep navigating this website to continue discoveringand its usage as a tool for self-awareness and personal development.

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People who write this way tend to be choosy in selecting friends and they associate themselves with a limited number of people. The stifle their emotions and suppress their reactions, increasing the risks of being misinterpreted or misunderstood. Did that help? Tends to repress aggression and projects this energy on himself, provoking tendencies to depression. Mental Health November 29, Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. Controlled passions in love life. On the other hand, if the person is a stranger or we do not like this person, we keep our posture vertical. If accompanied by curves: good level of intelligence, reason and thinking prevail over emotions. What does it mean, if your handwriting turns to the left? Sometimes, we seek to establish a bond. She needs feedback, to touch and be touched; to talk and to listen. He is centered between a head ruled person and a heart ruled person. People with a left slant are very self-centered. Hard for coexisting. He may not find it that easy to deal with strangers.

If there is an angle between those letters and that vertical line then this person writes with a tilted slant. In the topic we deal with in this article, slant, we identify the degree of dependency and autonomy of people, the level of sociability and the need to establish bonds and share their experiences with others.

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EX: "Gee, what a mess.

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