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Conclusion: As a Private Commercial Bank, Dhaka Bank Limited has had a significant contribution to the banking sector as well as the economy of Bangladesh. Bigger Market Although the GDP per head decreased a bit in fromthere is a huge untapped market that requires loans and intends to deposit also.

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If that happens the intensity of competition will rise further and banks will have to develop strategies to compete against and win the battle of banks. If the goods arrive at the Port of Discharge without a Clean Report of Findings then the importer will be charged a penalty for releasing the goods.

So, if all competitors fight with the same weapon, the natural result is declining profit. Cutting edge technology: Maximum utilization of its state of the art technology ensures timeliness and reduces distance.

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These branches are equipped with well trained bankers and professionals who perform their duties and responsibilities with efficiency to satisfy their customers.

The export and import divisions should be separated.

Internship report on foreign exchange of dhaka bank

Customers now demand not only a high interest but also faster and better service. In the local banking industry, it was a benchmark in remittance delivery system, where the other peer Banks intended to reach. But they need to immediately focus on their problematic areas. Because the credit analysts have a strong background in accounting financial statement analysis, business law and economics along with good negotiating skils. Huge Population Bangladesh is a developing country to satisfy the needs of the huge population, a large amount of investment is required. To keep the commetment DBL must increase its manpower so that customer gets their result without wasting time. The pre shipment facilities are required to finance the costs of executing export orders, such as — procuring and processing of raw materials, packaging and transportation, payment of various fees and charges including insurance premium, etc. Thus it is expected that the foreign exchange banking activities and performance of DBL will be increased day by day and it will achieve more popularity among the people in future. Appropriate file study as provided by the concerned officer. The issuing bank reviews all the documents and effects payment to the exporter through the advising bank. From the very beginning of its operations CPC has centrally dealt with all import Letter of Credits, export bills, import payment settlements with the help of well trained personnel who are expert in foreign trade financing. On one hand it reduces cost and risk and on the other hand it gives better opportunity to the customers to get more attention and time of trade officer working in different customer touch point. After contacting with foreign buyer the exporter negotiates on the terms and conditions of the sale contract which includes price, specification and quantity of the product offerings. Bangladesh bank issues license to scheduled banks to deal with foreign exchange. First of all, the exporter obtains inspection certificate from the Inspecting Authority and reserves space with the shipping agent by submitting Commercial Invoice and Sales Contract to the shipping agent.

Flood, draught, cyclone, and newly added terrorism have become an identity of our country.

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