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Being a successful student means that you go above and beyond what they ask for.

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Procrastination can eat you alive when it comes to getting assessments and work done, so create an effective schedule that will keep you in line. Maybe we should stop looking at success as part of domination and make it part of what makes us authentic as human beings.

If winning the race and grabbing a seat in some reputed college takes a toll on your mental, physical, and psychological health, then, we are seriously doing something wrong here.

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These are people who did not see success as a letter grade or a degree, they saw success in themselves. Sign Up Message from Sophia! For more matured young adults….

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The bottom line is regardless of what the goal is, we can each be successful in our lives as long as the achievement makes us happy and content. Education helps to facilitate our skill, knowledge and learning; it gives us a different view of the world and refines our personality, helping us to build very positive attitudes. Not only that, distractions like television, online chats, social media, parties, etc. There are also countless examples of people who have achieved success professionally but their health and social lives fail because they cannot handle the strain that comes with maintaining that image of perfection that is expected of them. It would fill your life with joy. Most of those things can count as some part of our overall image of such a person. If you want to finish school or start a new job somewhere, then you should do it. Is it in the number of things they can amass in their life? Success relies on how bad you are willing to work for it. Many of us run behind it; most of us want to conquer it. Words: , Paragraphs: 4, Pages: 2 Publication date: May 05, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Thanks again. Their journey of life is different and so are their goals and parameters of success. Surely people were able to accomplish an aim or a pulpous in their lifetimes, even several, before the 21st century. What Makes a Person Successful?

So, a million dollar advice would be to get sufficient sleep, that means up to hours. Rowling, who were a failure on the scales of conventional methods.

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How to be a Successful Student