An introduction to the work of a doctor

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They must almost instantly slip into the position of their predecessors by becoming familiar with their role, the job, and the ward itself. Furthermore, an empathetic attitude can build up trust, lessen complaints, and provide better care instead. The website was initially launched on external website platform Wix www.

They may not praise you directly. Overall, we hoped to design and create a user friendly website that was easily accessible and updateable, that would be sustainable, reliable, and would continue to be used by NHS Tayside for years to come.

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Hampton T. Ethical approval: The work being reported was deemed exempt from ethics review according to local policy. Tyssen R, Vaglum P.

An introduction to the work of a doctor

The site was initially inaccessible through NHS Tayside internet when hosted on the external website. Let them feel that they are being cared for. Training: Medical school is followed by a residency training program that typically lasts anywhere from three to seven years, depending on specialty. Undergraduates must then receive acceptable scores on the Medical College Admission Test before they are considered for medical school. Through quality improvement and a number of PDSA cycles, we have created an easily accessible, sustainable, reliablem, and updateable resource that most importantly has excellent user satisfaction. Once you've satisfactorily completed F1, you'll be recommended for full registration with GMC. Pathology Pathologists specialise in the detection of disease through the use of a variety of investigative techniques. We planned to incorporate the junior doctors' handbook into NHS Tayside's intranet, and amend content as highlighted through feedback prior to the launch of the site in August
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Doctor Career Information