An inconvenient truth review

Gore has long since proven to be a deft self-satirist.

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Move quickly toward hybrid and electric cars. Why not just nail your eyeballs to a freshly whitewashed wall and save yourself 99 minutes of hippy harping? There is even a cute animation segment about exaggerated global-warming claims.

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With the skill of a seasoned political operator — but none of the cynicism you might expect of a man so narrowly defeated in the most bitter political battle of modern times — Gore first scares the bejesus out of you and then offers ways to change the future, leaving you with a sense of optimism in the face of a global threat.

He shows the famous photograph "Earthrise," taken from space by the first American astronauts.

An inconvenient truth review

Save energy in our houses. He speaks of the need to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions as a "moral imperative," and most people who see this movie will do so out of a sense of duty, which seems to me entirely appropriate. What has Congress done about global warming?

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