A research on the demographic data of six nations with special regard to their urbanization

Despite that figure, there is a finite amount of water useable by humans and it is constantly used and reused in a sustainable water cycle.

One demand of the population boom on the planet is an attendant requirement for more food to be produced. If more men move to towns and cities than women, this leaves a predominantly female society in rural areas.

2018 revision of world urbanization prospects

The share of the urban population living in slums by country is shown in the chart below. What factors lead to a sex ratio in which men outnumber women?

Higher-income countries, particularly across Europe, North America and Australasia already had large urban populations in the midth century. Functional perspectives on urbanization focus generally on the ecology of the city, while conflict perspective tends to focus on political economy.

Brown zones where nothing can grow are common results of soil pollution.

Urbanization rate

Second, exchange value and use value are balanced to favour the middle and upper classes so that, for example, public land in poor neighbourhoods may be rezoned for use as industrial land. Graph courtesy of USAID It would be impossible to discuss population growth and trends without addressing access to family planning resources and birth control. United Nations, World Urbanization Prospects: Then another So there was an incentive for them to add more head of cattle, and no incentive for restraint. As this chart illustrates, the shift from rural to urban living in Canada has been dramatic and continuous. This area is garnering more attention as extreme weather patterns and policy battles over climate change dominate the news. Thus, it is a heterogenous mix of problems and categorizing them to one particular subtype seems daunting and undesirable. In China during the s, the urban populations consumed more than twice as much pork as the rural populations who were raising the pigs. This paradigm shift in the dynamics of human population is attracting attention of demographers, sociologists, scientists, and politicians alike. Finally, urban development is dependent on both structure groups such as local government and agency individuals including business people and activists , and these groups engage in a push-pull dynamic that determines where and how land is actually used.

This illustration depicts the concentric zones that make up a city. Sometimes the wastes are collected and taken to legalised waste disposal sites but these are not always properly managed to protect water bodies and groundwater.

The increased density of populations in urban areas led to the rapid spread of infectious diseases. In the chart below we show the percentage of the total population which live in agglomerations greater than one million people i.

In several provinces, there are product stewardship programs that oblige manufacturers and retailers to pay a per-item fee to fund electronic recycling Fishlockbut it is not always clear what happens to the items after they are recycled.

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Rapid urbanization